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NEW BOOKS: Pocket Numbrix • 200+ Kakuro, 4 Grid Sizes • 200+ Brain Health, 4 Puzzle Types • Mini Maze Book Series • 1000+ Sudoku Puzzles, 3 Volumes • 200+ Pocket Sudoku Puzzles • At The Farm Word Search • Fractions Workbook • Christmas Word Search • Steampunk Craft Papers • Scroll down for more details

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About Our Puzzles
All our puzzles are created individually for every book we make and are not used again in our other books, helping to ensure you get a special and unique puzzle experience with each book you buy from us - we appreciate you!

Compact Pocket Puzzles Book Series
4" x 7" Size, Ideal for Travelling
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4" x 7" Book
Coming Soon!

4" x 7" Book
Coming Soon!

All our puzzles are created individually for every book we make and are not used again in our other books, helping to ensure you get a special and unique puzzle experience with each book you buy from us - we appreciate you!!

New Mini Maze Books - Click Covers to View on Amazon

6" x 6" Book

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6" x 6" Book

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6" x 6" Book

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6" x 6" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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4" x 6" Mini Book

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New Sudoku Puzzle Books
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8.5" x 11" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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Seasonal Books - Click Covers to View on Amazon

8.5" x 11" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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8.5" x 11" Book

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1000+ Sudoku Puzzles
Embark on a cerebral journey with the ultimate Sudoku puzzle book, designed not just to challenge but to entertain and sharpen your mind. Here's why this book isn't just another number in the Sudoku game, but a cornerstone in your mental workout regime:

  • Dive into an ocean of over 1000 puzzles to challenge yourself. Start “easy” and work your way up to “very hard”.
  • 252 puzzles at each of four levels - it’s a marathon for your brain!
  • Six puzzles are printed on each letter-size page, with large numbers in a big, friendly font to easily read & work on each puzzle so you don’t miss a single digit.
  • Generous centre margins make working on the puzzles easy!
  • Tentative beginners can get an easy start with the easy level puzzle grids, then as skill increases, so do the puzzle difficulties.
  • Solutions with large numbers are included!
  • BONUS: Solutions can also be downloaded for free to be enlarged and viewed on computer displays and tablets!
  • Makes a thoughtful and fun gift for your puzzle-loving family and friends who love a good challenge for 100’s of hours of fun!
  • High-quality print and paper - much better than flimsy newsprint from the dollar store!
  • Tear and Share the puzzles! Pages can be removed and shared with friends, or to easily take on the go.

  • Keep your Brain Buff! Just like muscles, brains need a workout too - this book is the gym your mind didn’t know it needed!

    This isn't just a Sudoku book; it's a mental odyssey, a gift, a challenge, and a brain booster all rolled into one. Grab your pencils (or pens, if you're daring), and prepare to embark on an epic journey of numbers, logic, and fun! Your brain will thank you, and your friends will wonder where you got such a fantastic book.


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    Fractions Workbook for Adults and Practice
    This math workbook features over 1,700 fraction problems to solve.
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Ample space alongside the problems to work through the solutions
    • Solutions are provided after each sub-section, with handy page numbers for easy reference
    • Work Pages also provided at the front and back of the workbook
    Fraction comparisons are also included, to determine if the values are equal to, greater than or less than another fraction.
    As well, the workbook features several images to work out the fraction value of the image shown.
    Perfect for adults and seniors, as well as for young learners who can work through these fraction drills to help develop their skills.
    This workbook of exercises is intended for students who are already familiar in working with fractions to help build their skills and speed.


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    Blood Pressure Log Book Record
    This “Blood Pressure Log Book Record” book lets you record blood pressure readings. Designed with flexibility in mind, you can record multiple readings throughout the day. There is space for additional notes as well. The matte finish cover has an area to write a name and the date range being recorded in the log book. The handy 6x9 size is convenient and portable - easy to take to medical appointments.
    • Record blood pressure readings through the day
    • Record heart rate
    • Lots of room for notes
    • Convenient and easy undated format for flexibility
    • Compact 6x9 size for convenient portability
    • Matte finish cover with space to record name, dates and other details
    • Over 100 pages of daily blood pressure readings
    • Pages are high quality, white paper stock
    • See our “Medical Journal Organizer & Planner” book for even more health recording options
    For yourself or as an excellent gift for a loved one, or for you to assist a loved one. Also an excellent tool for health professionals caring for others.
    Get your copy today!

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    Oh, Canada!

    ♥★ Fun and Unique Colouring Designs to Celebrate Canada! ♥★

    This colouring extravaganza includes images of the provinces and territories with beautiful mandala forms to celebrate Canada. Maps, slogans, images and sayings are included throughout. Over 35 different designs for you to colour. A wonderful pastime to enjoy on your own or together with loved ones. Canada is the second largest country on the planet, and these special colouring pages help you to celebrate this beautiful land.

    • Over 35 different designs
    • Can be enjoyed by children or adults - girls and boys of all ages
    • A relaxing and meditative hobby
    • Can help to relieve stress
    • A beautiful gift for birthdays, Canada Day and any other special occasion
    • Hours and hours of colouring fun
    • Suitable for gel markers, colour pencils and crayons

    A wonderful gift for anyone on your list - orders available now!

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    ** This is a perfect gift for a special health professional **

    For any nurse, nursing student, care-home worker, caregiver, first responder, home-care worker, paramedic, pharmacist, doctor, hospital & nursing staff or any other health care professional. 

    Filled with funny sayings & pithy quotes related to nursing, complete with a variety of coloring pages, sudoku puzzles and mazes, this book offers hours of stress-relieving enjoyment. It’s the perfect gift to say thank you to someone who has helped you, a friend, or a family member.

    100 pages in a medium-format 7” x 10” booklet, beautiful mandala coloring pages with sayings, slogans, and silly retorts are perfect for just the right situation. Sudoku puzzles ranging from easy to hard are matched with circle and square mazes to help keep the reader entertained.

    Features Include:

    • Gorgeous silky smooth, rich-feeling cover
    • Relaxing Coloring Pages
    • Soduku Puzzles, easy, medium & hard
    • Witty Sayings
    • Quick Comebacks
    • Mazes
    • Dot Grid pages for drawing & notes

    An ideal gift, and just the right touch to say Thank You!

    ** No swears in this one, but you might find an ass! **

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    Craft Paper Series - 4 Volumes
    STEAMPUNK Craft Paper

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    Sudoku Puzzle Series - 4 Volumes
    MIXED LEVEL PUZZLES - Easy, Medium, Hard!

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    LARGE PRINT - Sudoku Puzzle Series!

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    With Naughty Love Coupons . . .
    This naughty and fun novelty coupon book has plenty of ideas to help bring a spark to the bedroom - and even outside the bedroom!
    • A perfect novelty gift
    • Give a hint to your lover
    • Ideal bridal shower gift
    • Perfect for stag parties
    • 50 coupons, each one is unique
    A hilarious and fun present for your loved one . . .

    Also Available:
    Naughty Love Coupons, Pride Edition!
    Click on the cover to view on Amazon.

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    Medical Journal Series

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    ★★ Organize your medical details in this handy, easy-to-use and follow, tracking journal planner & organizer. ★★

    Keep all the important facts and details together in one booklet. Perfect for your own use, or to assist a loved one who needs help in documenting their own health and treatment journey. Daily Health Tracker pages provide an opportunity to record daily feelings, gratitude, wins and struggles, and to design a meal plan and health & fitness goals.12 months of calendars are designed for use to start at any time of the year to help record and document appointments with medical professionals. Lined pages opposite each month give ample opportunity to take notes and write additional information.

    Over 20 different styles of pages are included to help organize and record critical details related to health care, including:

    • Emergency Contacts
    • Medical Contacts
    • Health Overview
    • Medications Overview
    • Family Health History
    • Hospitalization History
    • Immunization
    • Illness & Symptoms Tracker
    • Blood Pressure Tracker
    • Blood Sugar Tracker
    • Dental Visits
    • Vision Checks
    • Menstrual Tracker
    • Medical Visits
    • Laboratory Results
    • Medical Expenses
    • Insurance Details
    • Pharmacies
    • 12 Months Appointment Calendars
    • Daily Health Trackers
    • Names & Places to Remember
    • Blank Lined Pages

    ★★ Also available, supplemental journals with specific tracking pages. ★★

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    This booklet contains supplemental companion pages to track Daily Health, taken from our Medical Journal Organizer & Planner, which is available for purchase separately.

    The Medical Journal Organizer & Planner includes a wide variety of page styles to help organize and track your health, record statistics, list your health professionals, and more.

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    There Is Gnome-ly One You!

    ★★ Adorable lined notebook journal, perfect gift for all Gnome lovers ★★

    Ideally suited as a present for the creative youngsters in your life - lined pages, themed with sweet gnome images throughout. It’s an opportunity to make diary entries, write stories, draw sketches, enter calendar dates and so much more. It’s easy and fun for kids to express and share their creativity with this lovely notebook. Can also be used as a composition notebook for essays and school work in an endearing way. 100 pages, compact 6” x 9” size, fits easily into travel bags and backpacks.


    • Attractive variety of page layouts
    • 100 Numbered Pages
    • Easy to carry & transport, compact 6” x 9” size
    • Silky Smooth, Rich-Feeling Cover
    • Perfect as a notebook, composition book, diary, journal, stories, and much more

    Ideal For:

    • Creative Expression
    • Journaling
    • Story Writing
    • Sketching
    • Essay Composition Notebook
    • Diary Entries
    • Planning Activities
    • Holiday Projects
    • Gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day,  Easter, Christmas and so much more
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    New Releases Listed Regularly!